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PARiM’s new version looks even better!

PARiM’s new look

You have probably already noticed a new fresh design for the administration interface. Here at PARiM we are always trying to follow the latest design trends and make your interaction with our software as easy to use as possible and pleasing on the eye!

Fast and easy data entry

We have a new simple three step process to add staff members, clients and sites that we think is extremely easy to use. If you have suggestions on how to make it even simpler or easier let us know!

Improved Scheduling

The adding and updating of shifts has been simplified and improved as has the look of the scheduling. It’s easier than ever to quickly add new shifts or edit them. The “Open Shifts” Button or Option now always stays on the top of the page, so you can easily drag and drop to assign a shift.

Shift Patterns

We have tried to make scheduling much easier, too - with the new “Pattern” functionality you can set up weekly patterns for unlimited positions and repeat them with no effort. This function will save you loads of time when planning upcoming or future shifts!

Here is a full list of all the updates you can find in the new release:

  • New design and simplified user interface
  • New set up process for client, staff and site
  • New form for adding and updating shifts
  • Shift patterns and repeating
  • Login access for each client contact
  • Notes for clients
  • Unpaid break hours

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