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100,000 Users: Let's Take a Road Trip

Last week we shared with our clients privately that we reached another big milestone: we reached 100,000 regular users. To celebrate this step in our growth we want to take a look back at we have achieved. We will start with the years 2016 and 2017 and next week we will look at new features released in 2018 as well as unveil some of our upcoming features.

Thanks to customers like you, PARiM has grown into an essential workforce solution for 100,000+ professionals with unique capabilities such as the smart scheduling calendar, Shifts List, Client Portal, fast filter bar and more.

We have prepared a reminder of the road we have been on together:

We also future-proofed our technology for the next decade by rewriting our system based on the latest web technologies resulting in a faster web app. In the second part of this overview we will cover 2018 and confirm very exciting features in the pipeline for 2019/20.

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