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100,000 Users: What's New and What's Coming Soon

We continue to celebrate reaching 100,000 regular users by revealing our recently introduced features and what we have planned for the next couple of years.

The past year the business environment may have been a bit more hectic, but at PARiM we have been quietly building up a genuinely professional solution across all of your devices, and we are determined to add substantial new value to your operations.

Before scrolling to the bottom to see the curtain pulled back on our upcoming features let's look at what we did in 2018 (and please do click to visit our excellent support portal to learn how to use the more intriguing features).

Without further ado, here's what's coming in 2019/20 (after Saved Views):

  • New Contract Types, Payroll Manager, Team Management, Simplified Login, Mobile Calendar Integrations and Shift Creation.
  • ... and completely New Time Clock, Client Portal, Reports and an API with integrations with your accounting and business software...
  • .. plus an entire team to handle hundreds of your smaller requests.
We can't do everything you request, but we will do everything to give your business the most significant chance of success possible now and long-term.

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