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Latest big improvements to PARiM - data import and multiple department structure

We've got some exciting news this week – yesterday evening we released yet another new version of PARiM featuring some awesome new tools and a few design changes as well. Here's what's new!

Data import

Here's probably the most exiting news when it comes to new features - there is now the option to import large numbers of existing data into staff, clients and sites! This great, time saving option can be found at the top right hand corner of each of these pages. If you have any of these three types of data, then you can simply upload a .csv or .xlsx file straight into your PARiM environment, matching each field to our systems equivalent one.

Half day absences

Absences can now start and end at half day – all you need to do is allow them and determine the “half day point” - you can still access your absence settings from Account Settings > Absence Settings and now you'll have the new half day absence option there as well!

Company departments

We've added departments for staff members and sites – this is useful if you're a larger company with branches in several places or simply want to define different divisions or even different parts of a building, if you'd like. You can add departments on your Account Settings page - then add those departments to your staff and sites and also filter your Schedule view by them.

Personal staff rate

The new personal staff rate option on employees' profile pages allows you to determine a personal rate for each staff member – if you fill this in, it will always be applied when assigning this member to a shift.

Improved Schedule design

We've also revamped the Schedule page design a bit for even easier use and better overview – we think it looks pretty good!

Shift notifications

There's now a suitability check when assigning staff members to shifts and you get a notification when an employee doesn't have that position marked on their profile/has expired certificates or is banned from that specific site. The system doesn't stop you from assigning an incorrect, unmatched or certificate expired staff member BUT it does display a warning just so you're aware of the situation.

And improvement continues...

We might just have some other very exciting news coming up this week, so check back soon and we'll keep you posted!

We are a client focused company always ready to respond to feedback and deliver a unique system that you will find comprehensive to use, so - if you have any comments, ideas or feedback for us, please message us at - we'd love to hear from you and have a chat!

Also, if you're not using PARiM yet - maybe you should give it a try? We're awesome, promise!

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