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Something awesome is cooking!

Our team members have been exceptionally excited lately - a few months ago Paul, one of our developers, officially started building something that had been on our minds for quite a while - the PARiM mobile application! We've been on the edge of our seats for a while, and after a lot of hard work we are happy to announce that the release of the beta version of our mobile app is just around the corner!

What can I do with it?

PARiM staff portal mobile app

The initial app will run on Android devices and incorporates the key features and tools of the staff access portal - clocking in/out, schedule overview, applying to shifts etc - to allow convenient employee access from anywhere and anytime.

What's it going to be like?

The app is designed for a clear overview of everything going on at all times and keeping in mind ease of use and convenience when on the go. Both the Schedule and Open Shifts sections are easy to grasp and use with all the necessary information in plain sight.

What does Paul, the developer in charge of the app, think?

"I have wanted to dive into Android for a long time now. Mobile development fascinates me a lot. So I was very excited when I got told that I could work on our mobile app.

Android and its Java/XML based workflow is very verbose and different compared to what I have been doing for the last few years, so at first writing even the most basic things is a struggle. You can get very easily discouraged when you spend a day writing code and have nothing working by the evening. But these little struggles keep me motivated to become an even better developer.

I am happy with the current state of the app; however, there is much to do and it is far from complete. I will continue adding features to the app in the following weeks and I hope to hear some feedback from our clients."

What are we planning next?

It's not like we're done with it now, though - we're constantly brainstorming on what to add to the existing beta version to improve it even further. This is an exciting new challenge for our developers and something to look forward to for our clients and friends, so we'll make sure to keep you posted about the progress!

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