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PARiM released a new version with an advanced upload facility for documents

We recently added an upload facility for documents and we launched the new version of PARiM with several improvements

Document Upload for your staff & clients, events & venues

Now all PARiM users can upload and manage documents. Company administrators can upload all the necessary documents to the system and specify who can read and download the files. Administrator is able to specify whether the file is site specific, is it for the certain staff member to read or a client document. Staff and clients can log in to PARiM and see all the documents you have assigned to them.

Customize your PARiM look

You can now display your company logo on the login page. Upload it on the system settings page.

Improved Schedule view

As soon as you create a shift or change it, PARiM keeps the record of unpublished shifts and notifies you if the information is not sent to staff member yet. With one click you can send out changed rotas to relevant users. On the calendar header, you can find “Go to date” field for a better navigation. We have also improved the colour schema on the schedule view. You can now easily separate between event shift and a permanent position.

Here are a few other small improvements:

Option to resend staff and clients login details.
Manage and upload your clients logos.
Improved layout for staff, client and event view.

Improved worksheet PDF – signature field on every page.

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