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What have we been up to?

Do you feel like we've been off the radar a bit during the last few months? Well, maybe just a little. But only because we've been working extra hard to come back with a bunch of great news!

Usability, effectiveness and general customer satisfaction have always been our main goals. This means that most of the changes and updates our awesome programming geeks make to the system are directly derived from suggestions and feedback from our clients. Since December, the PARiM team has welcomed five new members which means that there is now a total of eight people working every day to turn insane amounts of coffee into great ideas, countless lines of code and beautiful design. The development of PARiM and all it's support mechanisms has really kicked off in the past few months and we've had lots of fun making it all happen!

The most important changes we've made to PARiM recently include:

  • Significant design changes to the whole system to make using it even easier and nicer to look at
  • Managing your account settings is now even more of a piece of cake than it was before
  • Our new guided tours, Help Centre and general support assist you with navigating the system and instantly letting us know if something's gone wrong
  • There's now an option to permanently delete clients, sites, events and also open positions in Schedule view
  • The absences section now has a whole variety of new functions - you can create new absence types according to your company's needs and color code them for easier viewing, plus insert holidays and holiday allowances
  • We've also changed the user view page to give you a better overview of a staff member's absences and make editing their information a tad easier
  • If you're already a buddy of ours and using PARiM then hopefully you're happy with the work we've done so far! And as always, we're eager to hear your suggestions and feedback – remember, we're doing this all for you.
  • If you're NOT using PARiM yet - why not? Sign up for a free trial We're awesome, promise.

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