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PARiM wins staff management at a major Global Games Event

As a result of its excellence in scheduling, staff management, and staff communication PARiM won and is currently handling the staffing of two major global events.

Managing Staff at Global Events

There are many challenges to scheduling and managing staff at global events, large venues or Stadia such as Wembley or London's Olympic Park - whether the staff are security personnel, stewards or ticketing staff.

Key to making life easier is the use of visibility, transparency and communication to ensure that everyone; staff, management and if you want, clients are all on the same page. Staff need to know where they are supposed to be and when. The use of the right type of technology could have prevented some of the short notice staffing problems that occurred at London 2012.

Critical for management is that the knowledge, in real time, that you have sufficient numbers of qualified staff and that on the day they are on time and where they are supposed to be.

Your control room and management can check whether the staff are where they are supposed to be and at PARiM we use GPS locating on smart phones, NFC tags and we currently have iBeacons in Beta to help ensure this is the case

When scheduling and managing staff PARiM makes it easy to:

  • Pick the right staff for your stadium staff management
  • Create and communicate your rota and staff schedule at sporting venues, arenas or stadia.
  • Ensure everyone knows where they should be and when with its free to download Apps for Android and iPhone
  • Eliminate payroll errors with automated timesheets and GPS Time and Attendance feature
  • Identify staff who are late or who have failed to clock out/ have started doing overtime

Congratulations to Team GB!

All of us at PARiM have been very excited to watch Team GB performing heroic feats in so many sports and disciplines and whilst writing this short blog we would just like to say a massive congratulations to Team GB and all the supporting crew and coaches for exceeding the medal total in London.

Tokyo 2020, be ready!

Riko, our CEO, is also incredibly excited because 70kg Karate, a category and sport he fought in, will be in the next games in Tokyo!

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