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PARiM wins both Rising Star & Great User Experience Award for 2017 from

PARiM is very proud to receive both the Great User Experience Award and the Rising Star Award for 2017.

FinancesOnline is a useful website that allows you to find the best B2B and Finance Solutions allowing you to compare products, read customer reviews and reports from experts on solutions. We are delighted that FinancesOnline not only gave us these two awards but also listed us under the top 50 Employee Scheduling Software product category as well as the top 100 HR Management Software products.Two categories!

We were rated User Satisfaction of 100% and overall score of 8 out of 10.

The Rising Star Award reflects how fast PARiM has made it into the mainstream, competing with long established staff management systems within its target staff management sectors:

  • Security,
  • Cleaning and Facilities Management,
  • Events,
  • Festivals & Stadia Management,
  • Retail,
  • Healthcare & GP Practices,
  • Education,
  • Construction.

One Stop Solution for HR and Staff Management

So what were the experts at FinancesOnline most impressed with?They said

PARiM delivers a comprehensive workforce/ staff management solution that integrates numerous functionalities into a unified platform

So, a one stop shop solution if you will for staff management. Bringing together sector specific functionality on top of its core features such as:

  • scheduling,
  • time clock and attendance,
  • leave and absence management,
  • human resources,
  • payroll,
  • and staff self-service.”

No more Cumbersome Excel Spreadsheets or entry errors

They went on to say “Creating a schedule or assigning a specific shift to a certain employee is painless with PARiM.

Thanks to its drag and drop functionality, you can easily rotate your staff, delegate tasks, and see which ones are available with ease and speed.

No more do you have to manage schedules with cumbersome Excel sheets. No more do you risks making erroneous entries and double shifts.”

We like this bit because we love to get rid of time consuming, overly complicated staffing excel spreadsheets

Reduces costs, encourages productivity and attendance

FinancesOnline also highlighted that PARiM allows staff “to view their schedules and tasks through their smartphones, ensuring that they are aware of their responsibilities and encourage attendance and productivity” and reduces costs by “bringing down phone calls for schedule-related queries and eliminate confusion in the workplace.”

Simplifies the management and monitoring of absences

And “PARiM simplifies the way management monitor absences and leaves. The system offers fully customizable absence settings as well as allow the company to set holiday allowances and leaves per individual”

High praise indeed and great to hear appreciation of what we have achieved so far. As, all of our users will know though, we don’t stand on our laurels and we strive to add features, modules and functionality to PARiM all the time fuelled by the feedback and ideas from our clients through our Intercom support system.

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