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Reimagining Staff Management with our New Release

The latest version of PARiM’s Staff Management Software is another step in the system’s continued evolution towards providing its users with a state of the art staff management tool that means better management and control of staff costs.

Our latest version includes the usual array of new features and functionality requested and suggested by our many clients and users but its main feature is introduction of the New Smart Staff Page.

Introducing Smart Staff Management

PARiM’s new Smart Staff Page allows anyone in staff management, with the right access level, to find the staff data they need in seconds.

Whatever perspective you are running your scheduling, time and attendance or staff management, whether from an Operational, HR or Managerial point of view the new version allows you to find and get to the key staff information instantly.

Smart Filters

The new Smart Staff Page saves you time, allowing you to filter, view, manage and message staff by:

  • Department
  • Type of employee
  • Current or ended contract
  • Position or Role
  • Preferred Work Site / Location
  • Gender, Age or Age Range
  • Search from Notes
  • Pay Rate and Rate Range
  • Qualifications or Certificate
  • Visa, Passport – expired, expiring, none exists
  • Status & Access
  • Last Login
  • Contract Start or End
  • Region, Sector or Timezone

Smart Columns

When you view your staff data you can even decide what columns of information you want to display.

Selecting fields from 30+ data columns:

12 Information Fields – 8 Contact Information fields – 12 Contract and Organisation Fields

and as many certificate fields as you want.

That’s not all, the page also allows you to manage and edit staff records more than one at a time - adding positions, departments, granting or revoking access. Ideal if you’re having to manage large numbers of staff and their data.

Other Improvements

Other features contained in this version include:

  • Left Early Warnings - alerts if an employee clocks off from their shift early.
  • Detailed .CSV printout - The event module now prints off key information to provide your clients ahead of any event you run for them.
  • Additional permissions for displaying reports - set which level of role is able to see each report.
  • Set custom reply-to email addresses to staff notifications - choose which email address the staff member's reply goes to.
  • Improved view on Schedule Calendar header.
  • Break info excluded from shifts without breaks - if break is not added to shift then no info about break will be displayed on the rotas and shift assignment notifications.
  • Improved Schedule printing - shows shifts matching only selected filters.
  • Different time-zone support - staff can now set a personal timezone in which case all shift notifications and rotas will be sent to them according to their timezone.
PARiM's mission is to make professional staff management faster and easier, eliminating and automating repetitive processes such as repeated trips to the employee filing cabinet to search for information – whether contract start dates, certificate expiry dates or emergency contact details.

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