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It's here, finally. We have never been as excited to introduce a new update to our offering.The first PARiM Signature Release heralds three key new additions (see our previous post for an overview of features).

  • The all-new Timesheets List
  • The completely rebuilt Pay Run report
  • Shared Saved Views

For an in-depth introduction to the features we cordially invite you to join us for two free webinars. The first one, on the 17th September at 1 pm London time, covers the new Pay Run Report and the second a day later at the same time shows you how to make the most out of our new Timesheets List.

The New Timesheets List

You have people who habitually leave too early. You also have people who have turned clocking out of zone into an art form. And if you have hundreds of staff, all the peculiarities are enough to drive anyone crazy.

From today, PARiM offers an alternative. A single page where you can monitor timesheets for problems and errors, bulk fix and approve them. There's so much more. Join us for a free Timesheets List webinar
Nov 18, 1 pm London time. Learn to save time and reduce needless strain!

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The New Pay Run

In business, there are many moments that you cannot explain. There are moments of triumph. Times that take your breath away. And then there are the other ones.

Ending your workday, you think how do you convey yet again to your team "Not locking pay correctly cost us 5% of the monthly payroll" while your face looks like you are reporting a nuclear catastrophe.

Well, with PARiM, you now do not have to. Book your spot on our free webinar Nov 17, 1 pm London time and see how to incorporate features like pay locking or direct connection to the Timesheets Lists to your work.

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Shared Saved Views

Chances are, a distributed team of managers leads your operations, especially so in the age of remote work and lockdowns. From above, the teamwork aspect seems clear enough. Still, inside the daily grind, everyone can feel isolated. How do you break that spell?

With Shared Saved Views in PARiM, you can share data fast with your colleagues. It isn't magic. But sharing is always a very good first step.


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