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Mark your calendars. On the 10th of November, PARiM will introduce massively improved workflows for your Operations and Finance teams. Marking a first in a series of in-depth Signature Releases. Each carefully crafted for well over a year. Each giving you a lasting competitive edge in a key area.

The upcoming update concentrates on three key parts of your processes where money and time "leak" out of your pocket and hands – handling timesheets, managing payroll and collaboration between managers.

The New Timesheets List

Eliminate costly errors and get more done with less.

Timesheets can take a lot of man-hours to manage and errors can cost 1%-8% of your average payroll. We are releasing a comprehensive solution that includes amonst dozens of other hotly requested additions:

  • Bulk edit, approve, unapprove or reverse timesheets on the fly.
  • Compare actual, clocked and scheduled hours in an intuitive way.
  • Filter by approval, hours, problems or with 20+ standard filters.
  • Highlight differences between scheduled and actual hours with the incredibly powerful Variance Filter.
  • Take advantage of a plethora of great tiny visual cues such as hovering over indicators to see person-specific problems.
  • Managers can share comments and read comments left by staff.

The New Pay Run

Speed up a core financial process.

The second layer of innovation we are adding is a more systematic and powerful Pay Run. The goal is to ease the work of your Finance team, improving your bottom-line and employee morale with rock-solid tools and processes.

  • A frictonless and easy Pay Lock functionality
  • Group timesheets by person, location, pay rate or period.
  • Use 30+ columns to set up Views exactly like you need.
  • Filter by pay period, pay lock or timesheet approval status.
  • Process not only shifts but jobs, absences and expenses as well.
  • Direct links between timesheets in the Pay Run report and in the Timesheets List.

Shared Saved Views

Improve collaboration by sharing a common focus.

One of the main strengths of PARiM lies in our unique Views – any combination of filters, columns and settings can be saved to be accessed again later with a single click. A perfect way for staying up to date with the most important parts of your business. However, up to now, the Saved Views had to be created individually by each manager and they could not be shared.

With the new Shared Saved Views one management team member can save a frequently used View or a selection of staff and share it with other team members. Shared Saved Views will be available across our platform from the Calendar to the People List to the new Timesheets List and the Pay Run.


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