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It’s 2019 and You Are Still Paying to Get Reports from Your Workforce Software? 
Let’s Change That Now.

Recently our team learned a stunning fact from one of our new customers. In many workforce management systems users have to buy a reporting module. Or even worse, the supplier of the system bills you up to $500/£500 for each individual report you generate.

This is a problem during the reporting season, when you need the reports and can’t avoid the fees. And it's very annoying if you rely on reports for your regular accounting. In short, the systems entrap you and game you to pay a premium for your own data. Not us.

PARiM offers a better way: we include unlimited free reports in our product. Click here for a free 15-minute demo

Free. Fast. Convenient.

Our reporting tool, while one of the oldest parts of our system, is still miles ahead of other free offerings. And stands up to our competitors paid modules. Here’s what you can do for free as many times as you like whenever you like:

  • Filter by time periods, departments, locations, events, positions or employee types.
  • Customise the columns of your report to include specific data.
  • Use our Saved Views functionality to set up regular reports.

Not limited to timesheets

Our reporting tool is by no means limited to timesheets. You can also create and export similar reports for:

  • Time Clock
  • Payroll
  • Absences
  • Position Coverage
  • Revenue Summary
  • Action History (who did what and when in the system)

Workforce management software for professionals

How can I spend less time and money on managing my workforce? At PARiM, we’ve found a thousand different right answers to that question.

PARiM is currently used and been proven to improve the work organisation and management of staff in all sorts of leading organisations around the World in sectors from Security, Festivals, Events and Hospitality, Retail, Warehousing and Healthcare and was used for the organisation of a worldwide sports event. Using should cut administration time and resources. Reducing whole departments to a couple of system users.

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