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PARiM turns one!

That's right - the very first version of PARiM was finished exactly one year ago! To celebrate our anniversary, we have put together a short historical overview to remind ourselves and our friends how we got started and relive the immense progress and everything we've achieved during the past year.

The beginning

In August 2012, two friends with extensive backgrounds in the IT industry and business management – Riko Muttik and Risto Urb – noticed significant weaknesses in existing workforce software packages and decided it's time to take matters into their own hands. As the result of their hard work, the prototype of PARiM, a unique and innovative human resources management software, was released in January 2013.


PARiM broke start up loan recordAfter that, Riko and Risto started looking for an investment – the government Start-Up Loan scheme seemed to be the best option. In March 2013 they pitched their idea at the panel and were more than successful – PARiM broke a record by receiving the biggest fund approved so far in the start-up loan history in the UK.


In May, collaboration with a mentor began and for the next three months the main focus was on communicating with various businesses in the UK, getting feedback, building connections and welcoming aboard the very first clients.

Further investments

In October 2013, PARiM successfully passed the second round of the Start-Up loan scheme and received a top up loan that assured the team members were moving in the right direction. This was soon followed by more good news - in December, the owners signed a long term contract with venture capitalists and took in the first round of investment.

New team members

In January 2014, David, our long standing mentor, joined the owners club as Marketing Director to take over leading the marketing team along with all major sales activities. Since then, the PARiM team has welcomed a total of five new employees, including several programmers, a writer, customer support and a telemarketing expert.

Our ongoing commitment

During the past six months we have released eight new versions of PARiM that included significant improvements and additions to the system. The latest release was just issued in the last week of March this year when we introduced the most advanced and feature packed version of PARiM so far. What is most important – the majority of ideas for improvements come from our clients – every bit of feedback is taken very seriously and we're very lucky to have customers who aren't afraid to tell us what they need.

Our mission

Our new and improved team shares a passion for developing software that is more than just another casual tool for managing workforces – we strive to develop superior workforce management software for our clients through the use of state of the art technology, innovation, leadership, and feedback from partnerships.

Here's what our owners have to say about the past year:

“It has been a very challenging and rewarding year. I must say, from the development perspective we might have perhaps some of the most awesome customers out there - they are always willing to share their thoughts and ideas so that we can really make PARiM the best solution out there. Our development and support team is growing stronger by day and never ceases to amaze me. Together we have come a long way this year and I am anxious to see where we will be in another years time.”

- Risto Urb, founder, CTO

“It has been an action packed year for all of our team. Know-how, hard work and trust are the keywords that keep us going and have been the key to success so far. With a talented team like PARiM’s, all our competitors should be very afraid.”

- Riko Muttik, founder, CEO

“I have never worked with such a dedicated and focused group of individuals. I am amazed at the progress, in terms of development, features and design, that’s been made in the last year. Every new version has been released on time or early. Riko and Risto’s drive and dedication to deliver the best package in the market is ceaseless and unending.”

- David Duncan, Marketing Director

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