Mobile Workforce Management Software

Staff Management
for the Mobile Age

Easy to use. It is simple (which is easier said than done in software design).
The software is easy for the administration and the app is easy for the employees including compatibility with all of the employee smart phones...” Verified Review

Mobile Workforce Management Software

Bespoke apps for Android & iPhone

Relaunched in Q2 of 2018, our apps have been rebuilt to embrace cutting edge technologies of both Android and iOS (iPhone) platforms and have a separate dedicated team regularly updating and adding new features to them.

Mobile Workforce Management Software

Securely connected to your account

Our mobile apps are connected with our online management portal. Giving real-time access to vital data. The magic of PARiM comes alive when you can see your staff starting their shifts using their phones live right on your PARiM Time Clock view.

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Workforce management for the mobile age

Apps for your workers

The tools they need to succeed

Our mobile workforce management solution is now ready to meet specific challenges of enterprise and small business use alike. For example, a group of employees working on different shifts in a single location can share one phone provided by your organisation. Team members can change active users by logging with a PIN number unique to them. That means even supervisors can share the same work phone as their workers.

PARiM is one of the few workforce software providers that has built a dedicated team focusing full-time on our mobile apps. Besides up-to-date security updates required by many organisations' security policies, this boosts reliability that becomes apparent in use.

A case in point: while many providers herald support for employee time and attendance tracking with iBeacons and NFC tags - the technology can only work reliably if implemented and updated by specialists such as the team at PARiM.

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Professional staff management tools
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    Swipe to Apply

    All it takes is a single swipe to apply for a shift. The request is sent instantly. Close
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    Shift Status Dots

    Easy colour-coding: blue indicates open shifts, brown for waiting for approval. Close
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    Quick Dual-View

    In our app you can not only see your schedule but also apply for open shifts. Close
Professional staff management tools
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    Instant Clarity

    Always have a clear view for how long you have worked and when your shift ends. Close
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    Big Buttons

    Easily understandable buttons to start a shift or to notify you are present. Close
Professional staff management tools
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    Assign People

    Use your mobile phone to assign people to a location while on the go. Close
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    Extra Options

    Take advantage of features available to only managers and not to staff. Close

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