Solutions Included in Our
All-in-One Workforce Software

Employee Scheduling

State-of-the-art scheduling software with advanced shift patterns, customisable legal compliance tracking in addition to award-winning drag and drop scheduling and open shifts features. Schedule unlimited amount of staff and sub-contractors across sites and departments.

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Time and Attendance Tracking

Time and attendance tracking for mission-critical jobs. Relied upon by tens of thousands of professionals in sensitive industries from security to healthcare. Get a complete overview of who is where and when.

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HR Management

Our software is built for managing, modiyfing hundreds of thousands of rows of unique employee data with blazing-fast search results allowing you to find the data you need.

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Open Shifts and Availability

Open Shifts and Availability

Allow your staff to choose which shifts or jobs they wish to apply for. Ask staff members to reconfirm their attendance and send reminders with just a click of a button.

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Modular Add-Ons to Our
All-in-One Workforce Software

Absence Management

Track absences either by hours, days or accrued percentages. Set half day absences, customise and colour code absence types. Configure personal holiday rates.

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Event Staff Management

Loved by thousands of event professionals across the world, PARiM´s event staff management module allows for easier and more profitable event staffing with tailor-made tools for professional work.

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Check Calls for Lone Workers

Check-Calls for Lone Workers

Part of our offering for the security industry: allow your staff to call to a specific secret number to confirm their attendance.

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Asset Management

Asset Management

Keep track of all of your physical assets: clothing, keycards, electronics, vehicles etc.. See who was assigned what and when.

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